Puzzles FAQ

Q: What is this?
A: A sample of some puzzles that my friends and I created.

Q: What kind of puzzles are these?
A: I tend to describe them as "creative thinking" puzzles. Some involve verbal puzzles (like crossword clues and wordplay), some are more mathematical (like logic puzzles), some require knowledge of a particular topic (scientific, historic, characters or plot from an old TV show), and some are purely visual. Most do not tell you how to solve the puzzle; that's part of the challenge! Each has a single word or short phrase as the answer, and a promise that, "You'll know the answer when you find it." The one thing that's for sure is that they all have a twist!

Q: Where can I see more of them?
A: Here's a list of some puzzle-solving contests in which I've participated in the past. They range from 6-hour long events for teams of 4, to events with unlimited team size that last an entire weekend. Enjoy!

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