What Do You Call... ?
By Brian Thompson
 l i n n e o h d e h
 o c d a g s w e e t
 c h a r i o t t r a
 c u h p v b e m c l
 i m b o j i v e s c
 p b u s p a i w e m
 u l u d n e p r m i
 d g e t p l a y g r
 o u n d u t j h f s
 l s o b x s i c k o

Horizontal Clues:
sweet chariot
limbo jive
midget playground

Vertical Clues:

At first glance, this puzzle should remind one of a word search. This is actually true, but with a small catch - to get the complete phrases, one must think to wrap around to the next row or column.

After searching thoroughly, one should be able to pick out the significant 3 vertical and 3 horizontal clues. Each of the horizontal phrases should remind one of the phrase "swing low" or "low swing." Similarly, the vertical phrases should clue one in to the phrase "high pitch."

Putting those two phrases together, "high pitch" and "low swing," should make one think of baseball. Keeping the title of the puzzle in mind, one should think of the umpire's call in response to a high pitch and low swing, "Strike!"

The answer to the puzzle is STRIKE.